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Live it Up!

Live it Up!

Remember when we were kids and time was just different? I do. Days seemed endless, forty might as well have been ancient and it felt like forever until I would get to drive my dad's 5 speed Toyota Celica (a sports car by rural standards.)  

Now that I'm older (ancient, in fact, by grade school paradigm), I see the days pass in a blink, the amount of ankle below my son's suddenly short pants as a measuring stick of just how fast it really is. I stop for a minute to comprehend, to try to slow time, but it won't stop. 

I realize that saying is actually true: Life is short. Yes, indeed. Life IS short. So let's make the most of this life. 
Live it up!

For those of you who are new to the Hat of the Week...

Here at Flipside Hats, we use and reuse as much fabric as possible. I've been cutting and collecting hat pieces from scrap fabric for months because I couldn't bring myself to throw out something so usable. It didn't strike me until now how I would actually implement them. So now...welcome to the Hat of the Week! These hats are VERY LIMITED EDITION (we're talking sometimes less than 10), and when they're gone, they're gone. I hope you enjoy wearing them as much as I have designing them.

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