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The Community Mask Movement

Life is a balance. There’s no light without darkness, no rainbows without rain. We can’t have a sense of happiness without sadness and we can’t have a perspective on health without unease.
During this stressful time, it’s important for us to remember that the world is filled with love and light; we can access this and fill our minds, hearts, spirits and bodies with positivity and confidence to protect us mentally, emotionally and physically.  

Studies show that an optimistic attitude creates a stronger cell-mediated immune system. This means that the body mounts a faster and more efficient immune response without needing previous exposure to a virus or bacteria when one focuses on the productive and good, and releases panic and stress. Doing this will physically strengthen your immune system. 
We, as individuals and as a collective, are so much more powerful than we often believe. 
It's so important to not panic AND be prepared. Wearing a comfortable face mask is an easy way to protect yourself from the majority of particles in our environment. Because there is such a demand for masks even within our medical community, we have pivoted our manufacturing from hats to masks. 
We are sending masks to communities most in need, especially those immunocompromised patients, elderly and doctors and nurses. 
Every purchase you make through our site supports our efforts to supply our community with masks while this shortage exists. 
Thank you for being awesome, remembering that you are strong and vital and full of love and light. And for being prepared in every way you can to stay healthy. We appreciate you. 
Dr. Kori Giudici, Jacob Wollner and Moses
Flipside Hat owners
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