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Hats - Holiday Gift Guide 2022

HOLIDAYS are here again! You may be busy planning your travel, or get together with family and friends, or buying gifts for your loved ones. If you are already planning gifts that fit your style, budget, and preferences, then hats can be the best option. But there’s a challenge: there are many hats in the market, and choosing the right one can be a little overwhelming. In addition, you may have a hard time understanding their function and material or choosing them based on one’s personality or style. In that case, you must go through this holiday hat gifting guide. This post offers you solutions based on your preferences.

Hat Styles That Never Change

Do you want to gift a hat that looks perfect at all times? The following styles meet this requirement and possess more relaxed style.

  • Luxury Baseball Hats: They are always dot on and never go out of style! These hats are worn by men and women to spruce their casual look. Whether it is a baseball game or a casual outing, these hats will never look out of place. You can check on luxury baseball caps with the highest quality blanket weight Pendleton Wool. These caps are luxurious, stylish, and never go out of fashion.
  • Flat Caps: Flat caps, driving caps, or golf hats – as you name them – are always in. Anyone can pull off a classy or stylish look wearing these flat caps! They can wear it backward for a cool vibe and forward for an elegant look. The flat caps that are fully lined and detailed with a subtle elastic for a secure fit are much loved by men of all ages.
  • Five Panel Caps: If you are shopping for someone who loves the sun or spends extra hours outside, then five-panel caps are the best bet. As the name goes, they feature five individual triangular panels that are stitched together to protect your head. You can look for a hat that assures an elevated look with a leather strap back and buckle.
Flattering Hat Styles for All Personalities

If you have been considering hats for a style conscious person, the selection may get narrower and tougher. But you won’t go wrong with the following styles:

  • Bucket Hats
    No matter how a person looks, these hats make them look trendy and confident. Bucket hats can be worn by anyone irrespective of height, face shape, hair length, and so on. Largely considered women’s favorite for several years, the hats are now popular with both sexes. Their classy shape and clean look make these hats perfect for all occasions and outfits. You can look for reversible bucket hats or ones lined with premium materials to assure comfort to the wearer.
Warm and Cozy Hats for Winter

Do you want to help your friend or loved one add a layer of coziness to their look? You can consider a beanie. It has been a winter wardrobe staple for several reasons. First, the beanie can perfectly cover your head and ears and protect them from frostbite and add a layer of coziness’ to any look. Although never discussed, you will be thrilled to learn that beanies come in different shapes, yarns, and sizes! Ranch beanies, watchman beanies, base camp beanies, and classic beanies – they all make a cozy gift. Your loved ones can wear them while hitting the slopes or relaxing in the woods.

Find the Best Hats for Your Holiday Gifting at Flipside Hats

Hats are not new, but they can still trigger confusion if you consider them for gifting. At Flipside Hats, we offer hats in many patterns to suit your styles, budget, and material preferences. Our hats feature a unique design and will make you feel comfortable, too. There’s a site-wide offer and you can save 35% off on all products. Remember, this offer is only valid from 15-24 December 2022 and comes with free standard shipping. You can browse our hat collection to choose your favorite hat before they vanish from our shelves!

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